15 Ways You Can Use South Gate Patch

Post your events and announcements, write a letter to the editor, and start a blog. That's just a sampling of the ways that you can use South Gate Patch.

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We want to acquaint you with all of the ways you can use South Gate Patch to share your thoughts, promote your events, announce your new baby, blog about your favorite interest, and talk with us as well as your neighbors about the news of the day.

1. A story isn't complete without comments from you.

On South Gate Patch, news isn't a one-way conversation. We not only want your feedback on our articles, we don't feel like we're doing our job if we don't get you talking. What do you most enjoy about a given story? Where did you find it lacking? Do you have any dangling questions? Let us know, and we'll do our best to get the answers. Once you sign up on the site (top right of the home page) and log in, you can begin commenting.

2. Ask questions.

Beyond commenting with queries on specific articles, we invite you to ask general questions related to the community. Want to report a fallen tree but don't know how? Curious about the construction project happening down the street? On the right of the home page, under "What Do You Have to Say?" drop us a line. Conversely, if you're a pro on a certain subject, flaunt your expertise at the same location.

3. Send us news tips.

We're going to do our best to cover all the bases, but South Gate has a lot going on. Let us know what we're missing by clicking the "Send Us News Tips" link at the bottom of home page under the heading "Contribute." You might even get some Patch swag for sending in great scoops or breaking news.

4. Sign up for newsletters.

The South Gate Patch site will be updated daily. But if you're too busy to keep tabs on us every day, we won't be offended. Instead, sign up for the daily South Gate Patch newsletter. Delivered straight to your email inbox at 6 a.m., it will bring you all the articles and announcements that have been posted over the last 24 hours.

To sign up, look for the newsletter link at the bottom of the home page under "Goodies."

5. Post events.

Whether you're hosting a gathering of local activists or a garage sale, the South Gate Patch events page is the place to spread the word. Let your neighbors know if you're planning a crafts fair, playing with your band somewhere in town or staging a protest.

6. Post announcements.

South Gate Patch accommodates word of weddings, funerals, births and graduations on our announcements page . Put out the call for fellow bicyclists to join you on a trek across town, brag about your child making the honor roll at the local elementary school, ask if anyone has found your lost dog. No advertising, though. Check our Terms of Service for more details.

7. Claim your directory listing.

From businesses and government offices to schools and hospitals, we've been knocking on a lot of doors around South Gate. We've provided as much detail as we can on individual directory listings for establishments throughout the city, down to where to park and hours of operation. But we know we're not perfect, so if you want changes to be made to the listing for your business or organization, email us at directorysupport@patch.com . Furthermore, if you want to claim your listing as your own, do so at SouthGate.Patch.com/search/listings .

8. Shout it out.

If you have something to say but would prefer not to send a comment or write a letter to the editor, we have an easy-to-use alternative. "Shout" something by typing it into the "What Do You Have to Say?" box on the right side of our home page.

9. Upload your pictures and videos.

Did you take a picture worth a thousand words? Got some great video footage of a recent high school game? Post your work and share it with the rest of the South Gate community.

10. Engage with South Gate Patch via social media.

If you like what South Gate Patch is all about, show it by "liking" us on Facebook at Facebook.com/SouthGatePatch . We're tweeting, too, so catch our latest pithy remarks by following us at Twitter.com/SouthGatePatch . We'll be re-tweeting, and we'd be grateful if you'd return the favor.

11. Send a letter to the editor.

Thrilled about the next hot movie? Peeved about potholes? Flesh out your thoughts or concerns in a letter to the editor, and send it along to alejandro.lopezdeharo@patch.com. Please keep it to 300 words or less.

12. Be on the Community Council.

Our Community Council members keep us in touch with the concerns of families in South Gate. Want to join up with them and help us with issues and concerns we should cover? Just contact Alejandro Lopez de Haro.

13. Spread the word about South Gate Patch.

If you like what you see at South Gate Patch, let your friends and neighbors know about us. We're here to serve everyone in the South Gate community.

14. Advertise with Us.

For all advertising queries, please contact David Peck at davidp@patch.com or call 310-621-3814.

15. Blog for us.

South Gate Patch is looking for bloggers. Do you love South Gate and love writing about it just as much? Do you already have a blog about a hobby or interest and want to increase your audience? If you'd like to share your posts with South Gate Patch, drop a line to alejandro.lopezdeharo@patch.com .

South Gate Patch is here for you, and we need your input and interaction to make this site all it can and should be. Connect with us, connect with your neighbors and meet some new folks, too. Don't be a stranger.


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