5 Questions: Catalina Salazar, executive director of the South Gate Chamber of Commerce

Catalina Salazar, executive director of the South Gate Chamber of Commerce, answers questions about her organization and doing business in South Gate.

The South Gate Chamber of Commerce's busy executive director, Catalina Salazar, answers five questions from South Gate Patch Latino about the chamber and the city's business landscape.

South Gate Patch Latino: What would you say is the role of the South Gate Chamber of Commerce?

Salazar: We are a membership organization working to advocate and represent business' interests and issues facing the community. The overall goal is to partner with local businesses in a manner that leads to business growth.

South Gate Patch Latino: Why should a business start up in South Gate?

Salazar: According to the 2010 Census, South Gate is the seventeenth most populous city. The city's dense population offers sustainable development for targeted marketing. The city is also centrally located immediately off the 710 and 105 freeways, allowing for accessibility for clients or customers from surrounding areas.

South Gate Patch Latino: What are some of the economic hurdles that South Gate must overcome during this recession?

Salazar: Increasing the tax base will help to make South Gate a more fiscally strong city. Strategies to recruit and retain businesses are essential to lowering unemployment in the area which in turn leads to increased spending and tax revenue. 

South Gate Patch Latino: Is there a business trend in South Gate that you are looking to encourage or reverse?   

Salazar: Chain retail industries are a best-fit for merchants as well as residents.  Residents currently must leave the city rather than shop and dine locally due to a lack of options within the city. 

South Gate Patch Latino: Are there specific ways in which the South Gate Chamber of Commerce helps Latino businesses?  

Salazar: The South Gate Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serve all business members depending on size, demographic, type of service/product or targeted market.


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