South Gate Police Showcases New Website

The revamped website is an attempt to better inform residents about their local police.

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On Tuesday evening, Lieutenant Darren Arakawa of the South Gate Police Department (SGPD), presented the South Gate City Council and residents with the new police website: www.southgatepd.org.

“The presentation of a website really speaks volumes of the professionalism of a police department,” said Lt Arakawa as he began the presentation.

The site is a standalone web property that operates separate to that of the city of South Gate.

As result of this, the SGPD is now able to provide residents with a lot more information, such as more detailed crime statistics, an easy to access mappingtool to spot the latest local delinquencies, as well as a more thorough staff directory.

“This is one of the services we are trying to provide for residents to make information more available,” said South Gate Mayor Bill De Witt during Tuesday’s presentation.  “To have a better perception of what the police department is doing.”

The creation of this website is also the departments first step towards becoming more digital. For example, other municipal police departments are already making use of social media to disseminate information, and the SGPD will soon join the trend.

“We have a team assembled and that is on the horizon,” said Lt. Arakawa after councilmember Jorge Morales asked him about whether the SGPD would make use of social media. “We are taking baby steps. ” 

Click here to access the new site. 

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Tony Morales November 30, 2012 at 12:53 AM
I love the website, looks pretty user friendly. Keepng the community informed of local crime and events is a good tool. May I suggest a blog will be very helpfull to this website


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