5 Questions: South Gate City Manager George Troxcil

George Troxcil, city manager for the city of South Gate, answers five questions for South Gate Patch Latino.

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The South Gate City Manager George Troxcil answered five questions for South Gate Patch Latino about his professional experience and his plans for South Gate.

Troxcil was appointed interim city manager on Feb. 22, 2011, and named to the post permanently at the beginning of this year. He also served as the chief of police for the City of South Gate on two separate occasions. 

South Gate Patch Latino: What does the city manager do?

Troxcil: The city manager is responsible for all city government responsibilities. He/she reports to all five council members and receives direction from them. The city manager is responsible for a balanced budget, hiring of department heads and supporting staff on projects. It is like having five bosses and seeing that their needs are being met (not personal, city business needs). I am fortunate that I have a great working relationship and we have a very transparent and ethical council.

South Gate Patch Latino: How has your career as a police officer and chief of police prepared you for this role?

Troxcil: As a cop, I was required to deal with problems related to public safety and at times make decisions that were not always popular. Being a chief and surviving it requires one to gain the respect of the employees and provide leadership. In law enforcement, the rules are ever changing and it required a cop who was flexible and was willing to change based on the need. I feel having these traits have served me well as city manager.

South Gate Patch Latino: What are some of the budget issues that have affected your role as city manager? 

Troxcil: The biggest budget issue is the abolishment of the redevelopment agency and the impact it has had and could have as we move forward. As we start to prepare our FY budget for 2012-2013, we will not know how closing the doors to redevelopment will impact our city, and we won't know for sure until around June of this year. With some of the proposed retail development and job creation we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

South Gate Patch Latino: What are some of the goals that you hope to achieve as city manager?

Troxcil: I have several goals for this next year: Move retail development projects forward, work with our employees to finalize [labor] negotiations, work to improve the appearance and quality of life for our Tweedy Mile merchants and customers, as well as working towards the creation of a Community Resource Center for our South Gate youth and families. Last but not least, to continue to see that our customers, residences and businesses, receive quality service in these very challenging times.

South Gate Patch Latino: What has been the most useful piece of advice that someone has given you about this job? 

Troxcil: I was told not to take the job personal, understand that the council and I will not always agree, and that as city manager, I am not paid to be a friend to everyone, although it would be nice if I could be, because I would make decisions that others may not like or agree with.

To reach City Manager Troxcil, South Gate residents may call 323-563-9503.

Virginia Johnson February 16, 2012 at 03:29 PM
I would like to see more development or even attention going to our Hollydale area. We are seeing declines daily. Most of our businesses come in and then leave soon after. We have a vacant block of prime Garfield property that has remained stagnant for years, that used to house a nice pharmacy and our City paint store. Both gone now. I would like to see our local donut shop in operation for 50 years not be edged out by another newer donut shop 3 doors away. I would like to see much less of beauty salons, barber shops, religious icon and party supply stores. We have about 6 of each on Garfield alone south of Imperial. We are in jeopardy of losing our Post Office. The County threatens our library every 2 years. What will we have left? I know we can't do anything about the Library or P.O. but our Hollydale infrastructure and businesses could sure use a hand. That being said, City Manager Troxcil is doing a fantastic job working with what he has. Virginia J
Alejandro Lopez de Haro February 18, 2012 at 05:27 AM
Thank you for your comment Virginia!


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