City Council Approves Resolution in Support of Adult Education

The City Council backed a resolution supporting adult education, called for better communication between parents and the school district, adopted an ordinance allowing restaurants to serve alcohol on open patios and heard complaints about loud music.

The unanimously approved the adoption of a resolution that opposed any programs by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

“The whole City Council is supportive of this issue,” said Councilman Henry Gonzalez, who added that his father was a product of adult education after emigrating from Mexico.

“For [the LAUSD] to cut programs like this is to hurt families,” said Mayor Maria Davila, who on the topic along with Vice Mayor Bill De Witt as representatives of the council.

Administrators, faculty and a large number of students from made up a majority of the City Council meeting audience. Elsa Madrid, the principal of the adult school, thanked the council for the resolution and its ongoing support.

“Politicians do have some authority and power when it comes to voicing their opinions to our school board, as to what is important to their city,” said Madrid. “We want to thank you for considering the resolution.”

The council also unanimously approved a resolution calling for better communication between South Gate parents and the LAUSD.

“[The resolution] is about communications,” said , South Gate city manager. Local parents wanted the LAUSD to take more of their concerns into account. “[It's about] being listened to, and having their input being used to help the quality of education in South Gate.”

The council also adopted an without any opposition or discussion from audience or council members.

Councilmembers also approved a contract with the to organize the annual Tweedy Mile Street Fair during first three days of June.

A concern over the use of loud music during the fair was expressed by a resident who lives near San Miguel Avenue and Tweedy Boulevard.

“Why does the music need to be so loud?” said resident Jean Reed, who said she was speaking on behalf of residents from San Miguel Avenue. “Let's have some consideration for these residents.”

But Laverne Bates, treasurer of the Tweedy Mile Association, recommended the music not be moved from San Miguel because it is a central location during the fair. He called instead for the volume of the music to be lowered as a compromise with the residents.

of the , addressed the concern over the music and promised that noise levels would be addressed.

“We will certainly look at all the locations, types of music and decimal levels,” said Davis. “Music is an important part of the fair, but so are the concerns of citizens.”

Mayor Davila was also re-appointed to serve as the representative of South Gate on the boards of several Outside Agencies, including the County Sanitation District, Hub Cities Consortium, Southeast Water Coalition and Orange Line Development. Councilman Gil Hurtado was also re-appointed to represent South Gate on the Independent Cities Finance Authority.

The City Council voted on the re-appointments, with the Davila and Hurtado abstaining, to comply with a recent recommendation from the California Attorney General's office.

“It’s a legal opinion by the attorney general's office in regards to appointments by anyone who is going to be compensated for any appointment,” said Carmen Avalos, South Gate city clerk. “We haven’t done anything wrong; we are going through the process to re-appoint so that it is as transparent as possible. ”

The alternates for each of the agencies were also asked to abstain from voting and nominating themselves.

The substitutes chosen for each agency were, Councilmember , was chosen as the alternate for Hub Cities Consortium, Vice-Mayor Bill De Witt was chosen for the County Sanitation District and Southeast Water Coalition, Finance Director Bryan Cook for the Independent Cities Finance Authority, and Councilmember Gil Hurtado for the Orange line Development Authority.

Vice Mayor Bill De Witt also appointed resident Jan Hicks to the Citizens Advisory Commission. The comimssion advises the city on the use of federal funds. 


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