Lynwood City Council Adopts Pay Increase for Itself

The monthly increase will go into effect this December.

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The Lynwood City Council formally adopted the monthly compensation increase that it approved in December during last Tuesday’s meeting.

Starting on December 2013, councilmembers will receive a monthly salary of $975 instead of $780. 

The Lynwood City Council has not increased its salary since February 2008.  California law allows councilmembers to increase their monthly compensation by 5 percent for every year that has past since there was an increase.

The raise will be formally introduced after the council elections of November 2013.

During the most recent adoption only councilmembers Aide Castro and Maria Santillan expressed opposition. Both were also the only two that voted against the raise last December.

Mayor Sal Alatorre, Mayor Pro Tempore Ramon Rodriguez and councilmember Jim Morton, all voted in favor of the adoption.

On Tuesday, Morton was particularly displeased with the attitude of the opposing councilmembers. Stating that the raise was not very substantial and that politics fueled their opposition.

“This is so ridiculous,” said Morton during the meeting. “It is a political motive.”

Out of all of members of the council, only Alatorre and Castro have terms that are not set to expire by the November 2013 elections. All other three members will have to run again for their council seat.

Castro and Santillan stated again during Tuesday’s that they would not accept the raise.

The only other person that said he would not have a raise was Rodriguez. Rodriguez told Patch that this was because he would not be seeking re-election.  

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