Mayor Expresses Support for Adult Education

South Gate Mayor Maria Davila, along with other members of the City Council, voiced concerns over cuts that the Los Angeles Unified School District is considering in adult education. What do you think? Take our poll.

On Tuesday, board members of the Los Angeles Unified School District postponed a vote on its $6 billion budget in an attempt to find ways to save some of the district's programs, like adult education services.

“There is no public education without adult education, without early education, without the arts," said Steve Zimmer, an LAUSD board member, who proposed the delay, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The vote on the budget has been rescheduled for March.

Mayor Maria Davila, along with other members of the , expressed support during yesterday's council meeting for adult education, citing the help that it gives high school students to avoid dropping out.

“There are a lot of students that are on the verge of dropping out,” said Davila. “If they take away adult education, where are they going to get help?”

Davila added that the LAUSD should perhaps be looking elsewhere for cuts.

“They need to start cutting from the top administrators,” said Davila. “Then our kids can be the least affected.”

Councilman Henry Gonzalez said it is crucial that the district provides immigrant adults with help to learn English and gain the necessary knowledge to become U.S citizens.

“Here are people that are doing the right thing, are here legally, and going to school to learn English,” said Gonzalez. “They are finishing the process to become citizens, and they are getting cut off.” 


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