Relatives of Santana Place Lawsuit Against LAUSD

The Los Angeles Unified School District is facing a lawsuit from the mother and sister of Cindi Santana.

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Unified was sued today by the mother and sister of a 17-year-old girl stabbed to death Sept. 30 at her high school in South Gate, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.

Margarita Meza and Janet Santana, mother and sister, respectively, of Cindi Santana, brought the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging wrongful death, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress and asking for unspecified damages.

LAUSD spokesman Tom Waldman could not be immediately reached for comment on the suit, which also names South East High School Principal Maria Sotomayor as a defendant.

The slain teen's former boyfriend, Abraham Lopez of South Gate, is charged with one count each of murder and false imprisonment by violence, two counts of bringing or possessing weapons on school grounds and three counts each of assault with a deadly weapon and assault upon a peace officer.

The victim was stabbed multiple times during a lunchtime argument in a courtyard. A varsity football player, 11th-grader Jorge Garcia, and a female dean, Christina Ordonez, were stabbed while trying to stop the attack, school police said.

According to the suit, Meza and her late daughter met with Sotomayor

shortly before the attack to discuss alleged threats Lopez made against her.

They also told the principal that Lopez was about to be released from jail for making the menacing statements and that the girl was worried about what might happen to her, according to the complaint.

Sotomayor and the LAUSD promised them Cindi would be safe, according to the plaintiffs.

``In reality, (they) did nothing to protect Santana while (she) was attending school...,'' the suit alleges. ``Sadly, (their) actions and omissions led to Cindi's death.''

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy said in October that Meza notified Sotomayor about Lopez's alleged threats and that campus security officials were on the lookout for him.

If convicted, Lopez could face life in prison with the possibility of parole, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Ram Maldo July 16, 2012 at 07:45 AM
The father passed away due to a heart attack a few years back. The mother of Cindi did not approve of her Lopez which is what caused the problems. The sister is the one keeping her mother (not to mention the only memeber in her family alive) strong and out of serious depression for her mother. So TheTruthHurts How does it feel to not know what the "truth" really is? You ignorant son of a bitch. Oh yeah by the way I know this because im a close friend/ Neighbor of the Santana family.
Roberto Gonzalez November 15, 2012 at 04:48 AM
This is sad...but LAUSD..is just about the $$$$ MONEY...Look the Mother Warned the School officials...& See what happened....They get payed to just let the kidds get buy...look at prop 30...just yesterday Daisey said Teachers Furlow days rr back to what they where before...there back to spending the tax payers $$$$...AGAIN....THE TEACHERS UNION is so POWERFUL...there gona have the best Medical & Pention when & if they Retire....thats a given...& Thell Bank Rupp the STATE in the Process....at least theve trimmed the fat off...in some ways...THEY USED to have 2 or 3 Vis Principals at some Elementry Schools.....& for the Death of your Daughter ei'lL pray to God ...Shes Sleeping with the Angeles...i'v worked with H.S..Kidds in the H.S.Sports 20/30years & Some of these Teachers that Work with the ATHLETICs weary ME...Cause you never here of insructore...the Jerry ..EXSPECIALLY THE FEMAIL COACHs ...Sanduski type..Cause these kidds rr very
Roberto Gonzalez November 15, 2012 at 05:03 AM
Rr very impreasonibble ...like one assistant Coach is the girl friend of the head Coach at One H.S...NICE...I think to myself...so the Assistant was a former Studdent some time back...ALEDEDLY...I Mean how many horrer Stories have I head or seen at LAUSD...& They just turn a Blind eye....Like im cool with the gender thing..but how fare back do some of these Couples go back...if they where formal STUDENT.....& as Fare as Principal SOTOMAJOYOR...THE Mother or the Sister warned the SCHOOL....just like LAUSD ..TO DRAG THERE FEET & the young Man Still got on Campus & Commited this unthinkabill act...its TRUE THERE All nice in the begainning of the Dating process & then...They Change they get possesive....i think LAUSD Should have more Security on Some of these CAMPUSES.....ONE DAY I Called LAUSD POLICE HEAD QUARTERS to Voice my Appeanion about the Parents & the Crazy Ness at 200Pm when Small Elementry Children rr Exiting School ground...& the parents driving fast & rolling at stop sighns & Parking where the HANDCAPP BUSSES FOR THE SPECIAL NEEDS KIDDs....the Officer told Me to mind My Own Business
CYBofficial November 18, 2012 at 12:09 AM
@Roberto thanks to Prop 30 funding is being restored to schools. Without proper funding a lot of security/supervision positions were being terminated on a yearly basis and running on skeleton crews. I work at LAUSD and have seen it first hand how much has changed in the last 4 years. I cannot say that this could have been completely prevented, but if more supervision was out on the lunch area then perhaps it could have been stopped sooner.
Cynthia November 21, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Prop 30 is not going to the schools, it goes to the General Fund and if the State doesn't need for the bullet Train, or salaries for the new dept. that will over see the funding. Then the schools may get a few dollars


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