Head Football Coach at South East High School Dismissed

The former football coach shares his side of the story with South Gate Patch Latino.

Derwin Henderson, the head football coach that led the Jaguars to 15 wins during his 16 game tenure, is no longer coaching at South East High-School. The now former coach was fired this past Tuesday in connection to an alleged locker room fight that broke out between the players.

“A fight took place and they told me that I did not follow the right protocol,” said Henderson.

The former coach told Patch that the altercation between the players took place prior to his arrival to the school campus. According to Henderson, the fight happpened on Wednesday of last week.  

“I tried to get the best information from the players,” said Henderson as he recounted the first thing he did upon arriving that Wednesday. “I spoke with them as a team.”

Henderson says that after speaking with the players he went ahead and reported the incident to his supervisor.

“I relayed the information to the Athletic Director,” said Henderson.

According to Henderson, he was then told by the school that such an incident was suppose to have been immediately reported to the school principal, and that he did not file the right paperwork.

The former coach, who is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and is not an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), said that his dismissal caught him off guard.

Further adding that he believes that the school did not act appropriately in this affair.

“I was not going to get an attorney but now I am,” said Henderson. “I think the whole ethic is wrong.”

Henderson told Patch that the greatest loss for him is not being able to coach his players.

“I am going to miss those 45 kids, who gave me everything they had,” said Henderson. “I wish them the best.”

During Henderson's time as a coach South East High School won its first City Section Division II Championship. This was a title that was later vacated by the City Section due to the use of an ineligible player, according to the LA times. 

South Gate Patch Latino reached out to the South East High School administration to get their side of the story.  However, the school said that at this moment they could not provide us with any information on this topic. 

The LAUSD issued the following statement  to the LA Times: 

"We can confirm that the head football coach has been let go. Due to the on-going investigation of the incident by school officials, no other details are available."

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Semore Hars September 06, 2012 at 10:40 PM
I can't believe this wasn't reported sooner. It is unacceptable just because he reported this doesn't make it ok . The team has not had any consequences and it wasn't a fight he should say what really happened a jv player was jumped by varsity and nothing was done. What are they waiting for a kid to get killed in that school.AGAIN. If I was that kids parents you wouldn't be looking for a lawyer to say you were wrongly terminated but to cover your behind because I would of pressed chargers on the irresponsibly of ALL the coaches.!! This wasn't a single players actions in my opinion varsity shouldn't be playing until this gets solved because they now know that there are no consequences for their stupid actions and that they can get away with this. So varsity team what player is next?.
Somber September 07, 2012 at 10:32 PM
It was wrong what happened to the player. He is a great kid as well as his parent. I have a son and I understand the situation, but this is about reporting the incident or actions dictated on what the coach thought the infraction or issue was. Depending on actual facts that the coach got and the investigation that he did would result in the actions that the coach took. FIrst off the coach only thought about the kid and his well being and if he was ok. After he got the needed info he acted.
Somber September 08, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Wow and I agree but you have to know the entire story. Most important is the kid and that he is ok. Reading the story that is my concern.


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